Friday, August 30, 2013

Organization and Your Online Business

Organization and Your Online Business   

Hello there,  TrudyVan here,
I cannot stress the importance of having your computer folders sorted at all times. 

Get Your digital filing sorted out Correctly.
It takes a bit of time to sort out your folders on your computer.
I started with my Desktop.  Organize your desktop into specific folders.

For each folder do the following:
Name of Main Folder :   Blogs
I always create an images folder in all my main folders. 
Then I add a folder for each blog.
Inside of each blog name folder I create the following folders:
  • image Folder.  This is where I place all the images that are used or going to be used on this blog..
  • Blog Posts and Articles Folder.  This is where I place all NotePad copies of my Blog Posts and Future Blog Posts.
  • Blog Correspondence Folder. This is where I place all copies of correspondence.
  • Login and URL Details Folder. This is where I have my login details and copy of blog URL's on notepad.  Make use of NotePad as Word carries to much additional coding.
  • Codes Folder. This Folder is for codes for advertising that is on that blog.
  • Keywords Folder. This is where I have a copy of relevant Keywords on a NotePad.   These Keywords help me create my Posts.  I also note down future ideas on NotePad and keep them in this folder.
  • Blog Backup's Folder. When you download a Backup to your computer for that blog put it into this folder. 

    Never open up these downloads on your computer as it gets corrupted.  This Backup is solely for if there is a problem with your Blog and you need to re install using your backup.

    Try to do a backup after each new post.  That way if you ever need to do a complete install you have the latest backup on in your folder. 

    This applies to Blogger Blogs,  WordPress Blogs, Joomla Blog, etc.,
  • General Folder.
    This is where you put information you have not created a folder for.   You can use this folder when you are in a hurry or busy at the moment. 

    Just remember to sort out your filing as soon as possible

    A screenshot of how to organize your Folders

When you do this for all your programs and things you are working on, it makes it a whole lot easier to access your information as and when you need it. I am always in a hurry,  so it works well for me and it will for you.

I also do all my personal stuff such as photo's,  music and videos.  I take a lot of photo's so it is important for me to put them in the correct folders,  so I can find them quickly.

I am always busy and nothing frustrates me more having to look for something on my computer when I need it.

Quick Folder finding on my computer saves me a lot of stress.  Time Management is Key in any business.

Why I need to organize my Folders?
I run my own online and Offline Business.  TrudyVan SEO & Blog Marketing Company.

I have 4 Medium Sized Businesses that I work permanently for,  plus my own marketing.

I also own a House Sitting and Pet Care offline business where I have a team of highly educated people that are "over the age or over qualified" to get a job here in South Africa,  that work with me.

I also help with start up of micro business for the unemployed to become Self Employed.

This is extremely rewarding and I have made friends with the most amazing people that just hit some hard times and needed a little encouragement and support.  Job creation is key to our growing economy.

I also am an Affiliate to numerous Affiliate Products and Programs.

I Coach with a Fantastic Team of Marketers in LGT Lead Generating Tools Membership that has been online for years.  Helping People learn how to build a website,  create Blogs, Build a list, How to use Auto Responder and how to upload to their domains cPanel.  This coaching membership is free to join.

Come say hello in our VOIP Caching Room.  Join here.

I love Traffic Exchanges and am a member of quite a few of them.   I run this base of operation from my LGT Traffic Rotator.

Now you see why I need to have my computer folders sorted at all times as I run a very tight daily Schedule. 

If I did not have a carefully planned Time and Management System in place all the wheels will come of my cart, as they say. 

It has done a few times until I became organized and focused on sorting out my folders.

I hope this post will motivate and help you,  as it did me.

Kindest regards
TrudyVan SEO & Blog Marketing Consultant

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