Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stepping on Toes

Stepping on Toes

Hello there,  TrudyVan Here

I just posted a Post on my other blog about Marketing in South Africa via the internet.

The most common misconceptions arise for Small Business Owners in South Africa is because of their lack of knowledge.  The basic knowledge on how a website fits into their overall marketing plan.  It is not their fault.  It is like asking me to go the work of a Mechanic.  I would not know where to begin.  That is why the business owners hire a website consultants,  who in turn gives suggestions and may recommend a couple of businesses to them, that specialize in specific areas of  marketing their websites on the internet.

I have certainly stepped on a few toes,  when I see what is in my inbox.   I tell it the way I see it.
It is my own opinion that I have expressed and I stick to it.

If you would like to read more,  Visit my Blog Here:

If you have an opinion,  you can let me know.

I run a small business and I would not like to have to spend money that is not going to benefit my company or my staff.

Speak again soon
Kindest Regards Always
TrudyVan SEO and Blog Marketing Consultants

Stand Up For What You Believe In,  Even If You Stand Alone.
(No idea who wrote this. It is so True)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Power Of One Presents How To Work From Home!: New Blog Post Instructions On How To Get A Free Blog Post On Our Blog.

The Power Of One Presents How To Work From Home!: New Blog Post Instructions On How To Get A Free Blog Post On Our Blog.

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Quick Access to all your logins and Referral Links - Addition 1

Quick Access to all your logins and Referral Links Addition 1

Hello there, TrudyVan here
Addition Titles for your Top 100 Password and Logins List
I have been sent a couple of extra suggestions that would make it easier to keep all you passwords and logins in one place
  • Firstly  Add a section:    AAAAAAAA
Then copy and paste promotions that you have starting with the letter A,  Into the A, section.
  • Then add a section:       BBBBBBB

Copy and paste all your promotions begin with the Letter B,  into this section.

Do this for the whole Alphabet.  
Now finding stuff just became even more easier. 

Backup for You NotePad

The most important suggestion of all:
  • Make a folder on your desktop and call it:  Top 100list backup. 
Every time you add to your normal Top 100 List copy a paste a copy into your Backup Folder and just say Replace. 

That why if you should accidentally wipe out a section on your NotePad,  you have a true copy in your Backups.
Another Suggestion:
  • Add another Sub Title:  Email address.
Add a signup email that you used to sign up for that promotion as some people use different email address for each Promotion.
Now that you have your basics sorted. 

You are ready to take on the Internet or any business .

Thank you for the awesome suggestions and I have now implemented them into my 100 List as well.
It really helps me a lot and I am sure my readers will agree.

Kindest Regards
TrudyVan SEO and Blog Marketing Consultant in South Africa

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quick Access to all your logins and Referral Links

Quick Access to all your logins and Referral Links.

Good Day to you,  TrudyVan here,
I hope you have taken the time to sort out your Digital Filing System to organize Folders on your Computer.

As always,  I believe in creating and using systems that work for me,  That saves time and I can quickly access any information that I am looking for,  with the least amount of stress.

The next time saving tip I am going to share with you has work for me over the last past 8 years, running my small business.

If you belong to the amount of programs that I do,  then you need to have a central point where you have the basics stored.

All my programs have their own folders, with their own sub folders like I showed you in the previous post. 

If you missed it you can view it Here:

If I need a couple of an image then I will collect it inside of the relevant programs images folder.

On my desk top a have a NotePad and gave it a Title:  Top100.

On this NotePad I have put all my programs basic information.

You have Your Own Free Password Keeper.

  • Program Name:
Here I put the Name of the Program.
  • Type of Program:
Traffic Exchanges, Down Line Builders, Blogs, Safe lists, website I am working on, My Gmail email account name, Promotions, Business website logins and so forth.
You will have your own set of Programs that you are promotion or marketing.
  • What to do Daily:
Here I would just put:  Daily,  Weekly, Weekends, Monthly.
In the next section:

  • Login URL:
This is where I put a copy of my Logins.  I put it here for backup.  I have all my programs login pages Bookmarked.
  • User ID:
I always put my User ID here, even if I only need my Username to Login.
  • Username:
Here I put my Username and or the Name I use to Log into my accounts.
  • Password:
Here I put my Password.
  • Main Referral Link.
Here I put my main Referral Link
  • Other Referral Links.
Here I will copy in additional Referral links for my Promotions and Affiliate Links
  • Additional Information:
Here I will put what I should do for that Program or Promotion on a daily or weekly basis.  This is how I run my Schedules and Time Management.
I also make remarks of future things to do or to follow up with. It stands to reason that you add to you list where a promotion requires it. 
You might add a verification code and number from when you first sign up.

If I did not have my sign up verification codes,  security questions and answers and so on,  I would not have been able to get most of my Promotions back.

Now this is a lot of work to start off with,  but when you are looking for something specific in future all you do is scroll down your NotePad list on your Desktop and you have everything.

Right there,  Ready to use.

Like all new systems,  it takes time and dedication. 

You will be so grateful you did spare the time and energy creating your quick Access NotePad.

I know I have thank myself lots of times in the past for doing it.

In our online coaching,  we need to be able to give our members specific links when the ask for it and it is not nice having to take 10 minutes plus just to look for a link.  It makes you look unprofessional and that you do not know what you are doing.

I hope my Tips and Hits that I share with you will be able to help you keep order with your online Business.

Kindest regards
TrudyVan SEO and Blog Marketing Consultant

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Organization and Your Online Business

Organization and Your Online Business   

Hello there,  TrudyVan here,
I cannot stress the importance of having your computer folders sorted at all times. 

Get Your digital filing sorted out Correctly.
It takes a bit of time to sort out your folders on your computer.
I started with my Desktop.  Organize your desktop into specific folders.

For each folder do the following:
Name of Main Folder :   Blogs
I always create an images folder in all my main folders. 
Then I add a folder for each blog.
Inside of each blog name folder I create the following folders:
  • image Folder.  This is where I place all the images that are used or going to be used on this blog..
  • Blog Posts and Articles Folder.  This is where I place all NotePad copies of my Blog Posts and Future Blog Posts.
  • Blog Correspondence Folder. This is where I place all copies of correspondence.
  • Login and URL Details Folder. This is where I have my login details and copy of blog URL's on notepad.  Make use of NotePad as Word carries to much additional coding.
  • Codes Folder. This Folder is for codes for advertising that is on that blog.
  • Keywords Folder. This is where I have a copy of relevant Keywords on a NotePad.   These Keywords help me create my Posts.  I also note down future ideas on NotePad and keep them in this folder.
  • Blog Backup's Folder. When you download a Backup to your computer for that blog put it into this folder. 

    Never open up these downloads on your computer as it gets corrupted.  This Backup is solely for if there is a problem with your Blog and you need to re install using your backup.

    Try to do a backup after each new post.  That way if you ever need to do a complete install you have the latest backup on in your folder. 

    This applies to Blogger Blogs,  WordPress Blogs, Joomla Blog, etc.,
  • General Folder.
    This is where you put information you have not created a folder for.   You can use this folder when you are in a hurry or busy at the moment. 

    Just remember to sort out your filing as soon as possible

    A screenshot of how to organize your Folders

When you do this for all your programs and things you are working on, it makes it a whole lot easier to access your information as and when you need it. I am always in a hurry,  so it works well for me and it will for you.

I also do all my personal stuff such as photo's,  music and videos.  I take a lot of photo's so it is important for me to put them in the correct folders,  so I can find them quickly.

I am always busy and nothing frustrates me more having to look for something on my computer when I need it.

Quick Folder finding on my computer saves me a lot of stress.  Time Management is Key in any business.

Why I need to organize my Folders?
I run my own online and Offline Business.  TrudyVan SEO & Blog Marketing Company.

I have 4 Medium Sized Businesses that I work permanently for,  plus my own marketing.

I also own a House Sitting and Pet Care offline business where I have a team of highly educated people that are "over the age or over qualified" to get a job here in South Africa,  that work with me.

I also help with start up of micro business for the unemployed to become Self Employed.

This is extremely rewarding and I have made friends with the most amazing people that just hit some hard times and needed a little encouragement and support.  Job creation is key to our growing economy.

I also am an Affiliate to numerous Affiliate Products and Programs.

I Coach with a Fantastic Team of Marketers in LGT Lead Generating Tools Membership that has been online for years.  Helping People learn how to build a website,  create Blogs, Build a list, How to use Auto Responder and how to upload to their domains cPanel.  This coaching membership is free to join.

Come say hello in our VOIP Caching Room.  Join here.

I love Traffic Exchanges and am a member of quite a few of them.   I run this base of operation from my LGT Traffic Rotator.

Now you see why I need to have my computer folders sorted at all times as I run a very tight daily Schedule. 

If I did not have a carefully planned Time and Management System in place all the wheels will come of my cart, as they say. 

It has done a few times until I became organized and focused on sorting out my folders.

I hope this post will motivate and help you,  as it did me.

Kindest regards
TrudyVan SEO & Blog Marketing Consultant

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

TrudyVan Marketing is Back online

TrudyVan is back online

Good day to all my Friends

TrudyVan marketing is now back on track and open for business.

Need SEO or Blogging Advice give me a call

You will be hearing from me now on a regular basis

Thank you for all your support and prayers

Kindest regards Always

TrudyVan SEO and Blog Marketing Consultant in South Africa

Friday, March 8, 2013

Why should you use an Auto Responder

Why should you use an Auto Responder

Hello there,  TrudyVan here
The answer is simple. It brings you repeat clients and repeat business.  You keep your customers updated on a regular basis.  Have you ever tried to run a newsletter or monthly price list updates and doing it all manually.

When you are spending all your time responding to each subscriber that emails you to sign up to your list or newsletters and your family are on your neck because you just do not have the time and you have fallen behind with your mailings, It is time you used an Auto Responder Service.

You also need to realize you get what you pay for.   Most free auto Responders have their ads running on your emails and these ads could be in direct competition to you.  You also most times do not have a choice of what type of adds are running on your emails.   It could be from the "unsavoury" kind.  Not a great image to put forward to your subscriber.

There are memberships that you can join and depending on your membership level is how many responders you are allowed to set up.  I belong to such a membership since 2006 and run more than 20 ecourses and a newsletters at the same time.  They will also guide you on how to set up your first Auto Responder.  You can join as a free member and check it out.  Click Here:.

Do you think you are ready to venture a little further and really expand your business.   Small businesses have increased there database by sending out regular emails to their subscribers, letting them know of any specials that will be coming up.  Great for business as well as new business.

keep posted for the next posting on Auto Responders


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Small Business Development in South Africa

Small Business Development in South Africa

Hello there, TrudyVan here

It is a known fact that all economies worldwide that encourage small business development are amongst the most thriving countries.

South Africa has now given the green light to create small business ventures by giving them a huge tax incentive by lowering the tax bracket for small businesses.

This is the only way our huge unemployment rate is going to be resolved.

Unemployed people are not stupid people, nor do most of them lack the skills.  Just more people than jobs.

There is now a tendency to only hire people that have a Matric at least.  There is a huge percentage of especially women that married early in life that does not have a matric but they have 20 to 30 years on the job experience.  Does that make them "less qualified" than the youngster that has just left school, with no working experience,  but they have a matric?

Not Ranting but this is my story.   I married early and have over 30 years of experience in various fields and could not get a "normal Job"  as I was over experienced and the second reason was that I did not have a matric.  That is the reason I started my own small business  and that is why I am so passionate about promoting small businesses.

Most businesses only employ people between a certain again and if you are over that age,  you do not stand much of a change to get a job.  Which on hindsight is totally ridiculous.  Most older people have less family responsibilities.  They do not have small children that get sick.  They are not having more children and have to go off on Maternity Leave.  They have a wider and more experienced work knowledge which could be utilized to train younger people coming into the workplace.
I have met so many unemployed people.  They have the skills and expertise that our country needs and should be using, but we are not.

Creating a small business to provide the unemployed person to work and support his own family.  This will bring up the morals of our society as well.  When a man or woman can feed and support their families, their self worth returns.

There was a time that companies had to employ a certain number of apprentices per year.  That law seems to have disappeared to the disadvantage of our young people, just leaving school and cannot afford college or university fees.
There is are huge spin offs to the amount of new small business starts in South Africa.  The more jobs the better.  Moral standards improve.  Substance abuse decreases.  Children are cared, like they should be.  There is less illness.  Happy People get Sick less.  Less depression.  Less .  Less robberies.  Creating jobs should be the ultimate goal of any government.

There is too much legal paperwork for the small (micro) business.  The banks have so many prerequisites before a small business loan is granted.  One the one hand I do not blame them.

I have looked around and spoken to people.  The start up costs for most small businesses is less than R2000.00 and some far less.

I would like to see large companies subletting or outsource a lot more of smaller jobs and services to the small (micro) business sectors and the government to implement a special reduction in taxes for the companies that are using more than 5 small (micro) businesses. 

We are if we like it or not.  One Nation.   If each one of us just helps one other person to start a Micro small Business,  we will all be employed or self employed.   Now that is a something to think about as almost half of our country is unemployed.

It is just my opinion and it is not everyone agrees.  That's good because I also know that our democracy is working.  Free to agree or not agree.

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Kindest Regards
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Does an Auto Responder Work

How Does an Auto Responder Work?

Hello there,  TrudyVan here

Over the next few days I am going to tell you all about Auto responders.
They are commonly know by a good couple, (this list surprised me) of names such as:

mailers, emailers, contact mailers, subscriber mailers, responders, auto responders, auto mailers, email mailers, bulk mailers, .........

Needless to say they all do almost the same thing and that is respond to any subscriber that fills in his name and email address and clicks the LINK in the confirmation email that goes out,  is to send them a welcoming email that will have your basic information on regarding what they signed up for or thanking them for buying a product or service.

You need a double Opt-in auto responder to be legal and not have your emails classified as a spam.
How does an Auto Responder Work

This is how the basic auto responder process works.

1. a Subscriber likes your newsletters for example and decides that they would like to receive a regular copy via email.

2. Your subscriber fills out his or her name and his or her email address in the Opt-in box and hits the send button.

3. Immediately he receives an email back that is personalize to him or to her by name asking him to click the link in the email to confirm that they indeed subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Your subscriber clicks the link and gets to a page that thanking them for subscribing to "abc Newsletter" for example

5. You subscriber is impressed

6. They get an immediate response

7. They are referred to, in the email by their name

9. They is going to receive your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter or what ever it is that they have signed up for.

10. You have a happy client in your database.

That is a rough idea on how an auto responder works.

Keep posted for the next posting on Auto Responders (emailers)

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Kindest Regards
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marketing South African Services

Small business in South Africa

Good Day to you,  TrudyVan here

Right off the top.   Marketing using South African Services can be hard going. 
Dedication and motivation and the drive to find the correct solutions for you and your business pays off,  in the end.   Plus you have gained a lot of knowledge that you can share and help other small companies in South Africa. 

The keyword is:  helping others to become and create their own unique small business.  That is what South Africa needs.   New growth.  New Small businesses.    Employment for the vast majority of our population.

Every small business that starts up in South Africa means at least one less person is unemployed and now contribution to the country as a whole. 

Everyone can do something to help. 

Classic example is the great little company that I love:   TenMen

It was started to help the people on the street.  They are not begging,  They are not stealing,  They are not breaking into houses,   The are asking for work.   They are aboveboard and honest.  They just want to feed their families and work for a honest living,  just like you and I.

One small business feeding hundreds of people.  

Give a man money and you will have to give him money again tomorrow.
Give a man a job and he will look after tomorrow by himself
by TrudyVan

If you have great business ideas that involves employing unemployed people at a reasonable daily wage.  Let us know.

Speak again soon

TenMen will have work today and not have to sit on the streets begging to earn a honest days pay

Kindest regards
TrudyVan Marketing

TrudyVan Marketing in South Africa

Good day to you all,  TrudyVan here

What a wonderful day full of potential and promise.

Internet Marketing is growing day by day in South Africa.  I have been training new marketers since 2006 and still loving every moment of it.

As I have only just re-launced my Marketing business after an 18 months absense please stay tuned as there are great things coming your way.

We will be marketing South African Websites that need more traffic and sales.   Plus there will be a load of benefits to our customers

Please fill free to comment,  ask for help,   make suggestions,  as we as a group of companies are doing our best to promote Job Creation in South Africa.  Tenmen being just one of those companies.

Speak you again soon

Kindest regards