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How Does an Auto Responder Work

How Does an Auto Responder Work?

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Over the next few days I am going to tell you all about Auto responders.
They are commonly know by a good couple, (this list surprised me) of names such as:

mailers, emailers, contact mailers, subscriber mailers, responders, auto responders, auto mailers, email mailers, bulk mailers, .........

Needless to say they all do almost the same thing and that is respond to any subscriber that fills in his name and email address and clicks the LINK in the confirmation email that goes out,  is to send them a welcoming email that will have your basic information on regarding what they signed up for or thanking them for buying a product or service.

You need a double Opt-in auto responder to be legal and not have your emails classified as a spam.
How does an Auto Responder Work

This is how the basic auto responder process works.

1. a Subscriber likes your newsletters for example and decides that they would like to receive a regular copy via email.

2. Your subscriber fills out his or her name and his or her email address in the Opt-in box and hits the send button.

3. Immediately he receives an email back that is personalize to him or to her by name asking him to click the link in the email to confirm that they indeed subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Your subscriber clicks the link and gets to a page that thanking them for subscribing to "abc Newsletter" for example

5. You subscriber is impressed

6. They get an immediate response

7. They are referred to, in the email by their name

9. They is going to receive your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter or what ever it is that they have signed up for.

10. You have a happy client in your database.

That is a rough idea on how an auto responder works.

Keep posted for the next posting on Auto Responders (emailers)

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