Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Share Our Secret

Hello there, TrudyVan here

Share Our Secret

Have I got your Attention?

Would You Like a Fr$$ Invitation to Join Us?

YOU'RE GOT IT   -   RIGHT NOW...  This is what you can look forward to...

1.   Free Online #Coaching
2.   Interaction between Coaches and Members
3.   Our Members ask and get the answers, from total Newbie to a Professional Marketer
4.   Live Desktop Sharing.  We show you step by step
5.   We have coaching videos on a Wide variety Marketing Techniques
6.   You get free resources and you are shown how and the best way to use them
7.   Free Software
8.   Free E-book Library
9.   Free Down Line Builders (DLB's)
10.  Free to Join Traffic Exchange with Free Monthly Hits, Banners, and Text Ads, Plus free
       impressions as a JV List Building Partner and coaching on how to use them effectively
11.  Free Email Marketing
12.  Free Auto responder. A List Building Campaign that is set up for you.
13.  Where and How to Advertise.
14.  Build a #Basic #Webpage.
15.  cPanel Coaching
16.  Free URL Rotator
17.  Free URL Tracker
18.  Free URL Cloaker
19.  Free Affiliate Program with a fully automated system
20.  Create a Member Business Profile
21.  Complete Base of Operation for Your Business
22.  Team Building and Support

We have been offering this service to new marketers plus marketers that want to go up to the next
Level of Professional Marketing. We do not leave anyone behind.

Think about it.  If you knew how to use all these resources to their maximum,  what would it mean for your business and your financial wellbeing?

Speak Soon

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Are You New to the Internet

Hello there, TrudyVan Here

The question I asked?   Are You new to the Internet?  Need Help?

Do You know how to use the marketing tools, software, advertising to market your own business?

Do you know how to set up an Auto responder (emailers)?

Do you know how to send out a newsletter or a Price List to your Clients?

Do you know how to how to use a URL Rotator?   (Website link Rotator)

Do you know how to how to use Traffic Exchanges?

Do you know how to market an affiliate program?

Do you know how to market an affiliate Products?

Do you know how to effectively use a Down line Builder (DLB)?

Do You know how to put your links, banners and text links into a Traffic Exchanges?

Do you know how to use a Safe List?

Do you know how to use Free Classified Advertising to Market your Business?

Do you know how to take an affiliate program or product to make money?

Do you know how to use a Online Conference Room to interact with your clients?

Do you know how to make money on the Internet?

How would you feel if I could show you a way to learn all this and more for Free?

Join us free today, come into our coaching room and learn to take your business (any affiliate programs, your own business, products, to a new and profitable level

Check Here Now!!!

Kindest Regards
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