Friday, March 8, 2013

Why should you use an Auto Responder

Why should you use an Auto Responder

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The answer is simple. It brings you repeat clients and repeat business.  You keep your customers updated on a regular basis.  Have you ever tried to run a newsletter or monthly price list updates and doing it all manually.

When you are spending all your time responding to each subscriber that emails you to sign up to your list or newsletters and your family are on your neck because you just do not have the time and you have fallen behind with your mailings, It is time you used an Auto Responder Service.

You also need to realize you get what you pay for.   Most free auto Responders have their ads running on your emails and these ads could be in direct competition to you.  You also most times do not have a choice of what type of adds are running on your emails.   It could be from the "unsavoury" kind.  Not a great image to put forward to your subscriber.

There are memberships that you can join and depending on your membership level is how many responders you are allowed to set up.  I belong to such a membership since 2006 and run more than 20 ecourses and a newsletters at the same time.  They will also guide you on how to set up your first Auto Responder.  You can join as a free member and check it out.  Click Here:.

Do you think you are ready to venture a little further and really expand your business.   Small businesses have increased there database by sending out regular emails to their subscribers, letting them know of any specials that will be coming up.  Great for business as well as new business.

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