Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marketing South African Services

Small business in South Africa

Good Day to you,  TrudyVan here

Right off the top.   Marketing using South African Services can be hard going. 
Dedication and motivation and the drive to find the correct solutions for you and your business pays off,  in the end.   Plus you have gained a lot of knowledge that you can share and help other small companies in South Africa. 

The keyword is:  helping others to become and create their own unique small business.  That is what South Africa needs.   New growth.  New Small businesses.    Employment for the vast majority of our population.

Every small business that starts up in South Africa means at least one less person is unemployed and now contribution to the country as a whole. 

Everyone can do something to help. 

Classic example is the great little company that I love:   TenMen

It was started to help the people on the street.  They are not begging,  They are not stealing,  They are not breaking into houses,   The are asking for work.   They are aboveboard and honest.  They just want to feed their families and work for a honest living,  just like you and I.

One small business feeding hundreds of people.  

Give a man money and you will have to give him money again tomorrow.
Give a man a job and he will look after tomorrow by himself
by TrudyVan

If you have great business ideas that involves employing unemployed people at a reasonable daily wage.  Let us know.

Speak again soon

TenMen will have work today and not have to sit on the streets begging to earn a honest days pay

Kindest regards
TrudyVan Marketing